Getting Started with Letterhead Printing

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Many first time sales are often generated through traditional marketing materials. These materials are a great way to promote your business in a professional and powerful manner. But only a few businesses today recognize the effectiveness and importance of traditional tools. They assume that because everyone else is using email, smartphones, and social networking sites to connect with customers that is all they have to use in their business. What they don't realize is that there are times when a traditional marketing material proves to be more effective than these modern tools.

If you want a material that will represent you impressively and effectively in front of your customers, then go for letterheads. Contrary to belief, letters are still an effective communication medium these days, so you might want to create a mesmerizing letterhead before sending your letter.

So, what should be included in your letterhead? The basic details that should be present in your design are the following:

- Your contact information that includes your name, business name, telephone number, street address, email, website, etc.
- Your logo to help promote your brand and facilitate easy recall
- A background if it will help make your letterhead look more impressive and catchy

You can include other details but make sure that it doesn't make the letterhead look crowded and unorganized. In terms of designing the letterhead, there are some things you need to look into so you can be sure of a remarkable result.

- It's important that you logo is attractive and catchy. As much as possible this should be the highlight of the design.
- Create a simple yet catchy design.
- Use high quality paper and ink to ensure that effectiveness of your design. An inferior quality will only reflect poorly on your business, so be sure to use the best paper and ink.
- If you will put a background design, make sure that it doesn't outdo the contact details; otherwise, this will make the content hard to read.
- The colors you use should match your logo of the colors you used in your products. This will promote consistency and make it easy for people to remember you.
- If you want to add graphics or images, make sure that they are not too big in such as way that they cover the contact details. Just use a small image and put it on the sides where it won't affect the readability of the text.

You can always make use of letterhead templates if you don't know how to create an impressive design. But this will likely give you a generic design that will look like other letterheads. It would be best if you can opt for a custom design to create a unique impression. If you know computer design, it would be easy for you to create your own design, but if not you can always hire a professional graphic designer.

These days, printing is so much affordable. The online market has plenty of print shops that provide high quality but affordable printing services. You can search online in order to find the right printing company for you. Shop around to ensure that you are hiring the right printer that will provide you cheap but high quality print job.
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Getting Started with Letterhead Printing

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This article was published on 2011/10/03