Sustainable Interior designs : Making Smarter Choices

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Sometimes the choices can be environmentally preferable higher initial cost, and access to capital may be more stringent. However, it is a better option, especially for developers and landlords and tenants. Developers often operate their properties rather than sell, which means that their own bottom lines that benefit from the energy and water. More importantly, it's not just that the costs of operation may affect the value of a building, but a developer can also "save" to choose more sustainable options.

Green design mantra of "People, Planet, Profit." It 'important to preserve the planet for future generations and the need for an hour there is no danger to the health and welfare of residents and users of the building.

Anirban, designers iDream opined that "sustainable interior design, architecture and construction is done correctly are holistic health practices to protect the inhabitants of the palace." Better indoor air quality can help reduce asthma, flu, headaches and difficulty breathing, which can lead to lost time from work or school, and chronic disease.

Every interior design project, both in the state of design and construction, or just new carpet, furniture and / or a fresh coat of paint, can affect the health of building occupants. And the bad side of the owners of private choices can affect air quality.

  • Residents can turn off lights and appliances when not needed. It goes without saying that the lights and equipment is allowed to remain for the night or the empty rooms.

  • Many times, we walk towards the light of reason, rather than a necessity. During the day, work space close enough to windows or skylights to perform multiple tasks with only natural light. Number of working structures can benefit from the light of day can be greatly increased with spatial planning and placement of furniture.

  • The owners and decision makers agencies may choose to buy energy-efficient lighting and appliances when replaced.

  • Developers will be able to install an efficient lighting and lighting are common areas and to ensure that building systems work as expected. Payback time for professional use in retro-commissioning and the implementation of many recommendations as a result may be less than one year.

  • Although the owners may wish to defer major capital investments, we can ensure that when you invest in major systems of your choice is guided by the need for energy efficiency.

  • Last but not least, the owners of buildings, individual users, and tenants can work together for their common good.

iDream is an Architects & Interior Design Firm with a strong commitment to be part of sustainable projects. iDream is a global provider of design and project delivery services with primary offices in major Indian cities, with a focus on developing built environments which save recurring costs and lower carbon emmissions. Within India, iDream has been in the forefront of offering world-class services to clients who expect global standards.


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Sustainable Interior designs : Making Smarter Choices

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This article was published on 2011/07/23