Tablecloths Throughout the Ages

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The humble tablecloth has been in use for many hundreds of years. Not only are they a method of protecting tables from damage, they have aesthetic appeal too. Ideal for everyday life, tablecloths can be seen everywhere from weddings and corporate events to our own dining room tables. Tablecloths can be purchased in a myriad of patterns, designs and fabrics.

Today's tablecloths can be manufactured from many different materials from traditional fabrics to modern ones depending on their use and preference of the buyer. Historically, tablecloth designs were hand woven or sewn and they have been used throughout the ages, and across the globe. Examples of tablecloth designs can be seen from all over the world from China, and Romania as well as closer to home. They serve as both a decorative and functional item that have and continue to be used regularly.

The Twentieth and Twenty-First centuries have seen great changes in the way tablecloths have been produced both in design and in manufacture. The Industrial Revolution paved the way for mass marketed tablecloths meaning they could be produced in their thousands. Some tablecloth designs may change depending on the era but others are timeless.

We should also briefly mention the role tablecloths have within magic. Not only are they often used to cover the magicians table they are also part of a trick where the magician tries to pull the tablecloth from a fully laden table leaving everything intact. This is of course not really anything magical at all but a trick that involves applying the right inertia.

What does the future hold for the tablecloth? In recent years, we have seen technological innovations such as the History Tablecloth that was designed as an experiment to show the 'flow of objects over surfaces in the home'. When an item is placed upon the History Tablecloth, the surrounding area begins to glow. It is manufactured from material that has electroluminescent properties.

Now whereas this is not a mainstream item with high street applications it does show that the tablecloth is as current as it ever was. Whether you are looking to buy a tablecloth to use in your home, for that special occasion or to even perform magic, a company such as the Tablecloth Shop can provide you with large supply of styles, designs and materials. This ensures that your table is always protected and looks its best, no matter what the occasion.

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Tablecloths Throughout the Ages

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This article was published on 2010/03/31