Top Ten Notebook Design Concept

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1, Canova dual-screen laptop design two screens are ultra-sensitive touch screen, easy to use, in particular, it allows users to browse the same as reading a newspaper.
2, Sony Vaio Zoom notebook concept of Sony's players have a holographic glass screen, keyboard adopted graphic touch design. In particular when shutdown, the screen returned to a transparent state. 3, Samsung DesCom is basically the concept of a combo-type notebooks, and computer tables to achieve "seamless" integration. But I wonder if there is no desk or table, Ban Zhao did not want to go, then. . . . . . . . 4, MacTab Apple's high-end products, using incredibly thin wireless keyboard. In fact, the iMac is now one machine we will be able to see quite a place of metal thin keyboard, but this more cattle, it can be closely linked to the screen through the magnets and the groove, usually carrying the screen when the shield was still. 5, LG laptop concept design eco ecological concepts LG laptop using fuel cells and organic light-emitting diode display technology, has received Red Dot Red Dot Award for Best Concept Design Award nominations notebook. But I always felt that the design in general, not particularly pretty, but added the current LG phone is amazing creativity! 6, Compenion out of hand at their own expense Felix Schmidberger has two sliding organic light-emitting diode display, when necessary, which can act as a screen keyboard. This design is very charm of the! 7, Samsung Amoled unique design, set of ultra-thin, smooth, and the keyboard on a touch. Amoled said the lack of tactile feedback keyboard. But I think it looks more general, there is no sense of the kind of high-end technology, seemingly has no texture. . . Perhaps because I am not a cold bar Samsung Computer. 8, "Traveler" This is a concept designed specifically for travelers notebook. Image to say that it is an own photos and data storage capabilities of the GPS navigation system, in addition, it has built-in geotagging features, be able to add a photo shoot in the information. To be honest, outside the very Turkish, which is very Western style. . . . 9, Canvas provides designers with high-quality, while helping the artist to improve "productivity." The most significant feature of this notebook is the "thin", including the touch screen, including all components of all is taking the ultra-thin line. This design is what I love, with an estimated configuration is also very fierce, and the family kind of machine to be placed Taiwan definitely feel so cool. . . . . 10, Apple Macbook 0801 by Issam Sana Da (Isamu Sanada) design, more like a black version of the current Macbook Air.

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Top Ten Notebook Design Concept

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This article was published on 2010/03/28