What Make Notepads Unique

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The process of making print materials, such as notepads, can be relatively easy. One can create notepads with the help of simple tutorials and even the trial-and-error method. However, making notepads unique is a different matter altogether. You have to let your creative juices flowing. You do not want to settle with the usual design templates for notepads – predictable and run-of-the mill. You may want to think a little outside the box to make your notepads unique. If you are wondering how you can pull of this trick, you may want to know some helpful pointers in making notepads stand out from the rest.

As you know, print materials are a combination of different elements. All in all, you have to come up with a visual image that works well with the print material. Before you begin your chore of designing as well as printing notepads, you may want to learn a few important pointers in making your notepads unique. As a design beginner, you should know what the best practices are in the whole creative process. These helpful pointers will assure you of great print results and appealing visual designs. So, before you go on and start making your notepads, here are your pointers:

- Color

Using full color is one sure-fire way of achieving great design. If you use letterheads, for example, you may want to opt for this choice rather than sticking with black ink. The pages will look great with color. Aside from that, your notepads will have a sense of style. So, if you have got extra budget, go for full color. Make your logos and other design elements pop by adding a dash of color.

- Covers

The cover of your notepad is the first thing that a person notices. You can create your own cover using your own creative flair or you can take the option of using any templates available. If you wish to go for a non-standard design cover, start from scratch. Make the most out of your creative skills in coming up your own noteapds

- Shape

Take my word: your receivers will be interested in notepads that are of a non-standard size. Most of the time, you come across notepads that are square or rectangular shaped. If you want to have a unique design, why don’t you find inspiration from interesting objects? You can pattern your notepads based on certain cut-outs, which make  it doubly interesting.

- Size

Notepads can be used at home or in the office. Part of the appeal of notepads is that these are really handy. You can take this anywhere you go. You can put this in your bag, folder, or even carry it around with your hand. You can make your notepads more interesting by opting for a non-standard size. You may want to make it smaller or bigger than the usual.

- Ink

Once you print your notepads, these can turn out to be a surprise. You should know that there are different ink types. These offer qualities that may not be offered by the usual full color ink. For example, there are ink types that are metallic. There are also those that offer an added sheen.

When you are working on your notepads, find out what your available options are in terms of design and printing.

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What Make Notepads Unique

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This article was published on 2010/11/10